Thursday, December 29, 2011

RIP #RWRunStreak

I killed the streak the day after Christmas. Up until we got home from my parents’ house at 9 pm in the rain, I still thought I might squeeze in a mile to keep it going, but no dice. The #RWRunStreak was originally supposed to go through New Year’s Day, but I feel like Thanksgiving-Christmas was a pretty good run.

photo (8)

It was time. 33 days was a good run (haha, get it?), but I really did want to take a week off entirely of running before I start marathon training. I’m pressing the reset button for fresh legs, tight hips, and little knee niggles. If I had a little bit more time off of work this week, I would love to spend it hiking or walking or lifting weights during the time I normally spend running. Instead, I took Monday and Tuesday completely off (so much time to get ready in the morning!), spin class Wednesday, off Thursday, and BodyPump Friday.


I’m super-impressed by my run graph. The #RWRunStreak included 2 8-milers, a few interval sessions, and a lot of easy runs. It was not derailed by my 30-hour trip to Texas (where I seriously contemplated if I could run a mile in the airport terminal) or not having done laundry or bad weather. So, I’m bummed that I didn’t/chose not to complete the full challenge, but I’m impressed with what I did.

After the first of the year, I think I’m going to shut this blog down and work on incorporating more running chat into Cook, Pray, Love. Keeping up with 2 blogs is more than I’m able to do at this point in time.


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